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Dr. Bonnie BhattiWelcome

My work over the last 30 years has focused on helping clients release their innate health and making it available. I use a variety of modalities to meet clients’ needs in the moment. Using Hakomi, EMDR, hypnosis and the latest discoveries in neuroscience, my work allows my clients to work at depth and move toward their counseling goals more rapidly. Hakomi is a body centered psychotherapy which is very gentle and profoundly nourishing for clients.

Choosing a therapist who is the right fit for you is the best predictor of successful therapy. My work fosters clients’ developing a sense of personal effectiveness in all areas of their lives, particularly inside themselves. Each of us needs to feel safe inside our own skin before we can create safety and joy with another person. While my style is warm and supportive, it is also active and dynamic. It is a collaboration that puts you, with your own knowledge of yourself, at the center of the work.

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“We are taught from the very beginning to emphasize our intelligence as if that were really the important thing. But, the important thing is the person on all levels.”
– Milton Erickson

"Hakomi presents some astounding methods for getting to core material. It is well grounded in theory and revolutionary in its results."
— Association of Humanistic Psychology