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If you are looking for a seasoned therapist,

who has worked with people of all ages,

you have come to the right place.

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Hypnosis, Hakomi, EMDR and an integrative approach to mental health

My work as a therapist in the last 35 years has lead to an integrative approach to mental health. I use a variety of modalities to meet clients’ needs in the moment. My work allows my clients to work in depth and move toward their counseling goals more rapidly.  I am also certified in Hakomi- a mindfulness-based, somatic, body-centered therapy. Clients find it very gentle and profoundly nourishing.

Choosing a therapist who is the right fit for you is the best predictor of successful therapy. My work fosters clients’ developing a sense of personal effectiveness in all areas of their lives, helping them move through those areas in which they felt stuck. Each of us needs to feel safe inside our own skin before we can create safety and joy with another person. While my style is warm and supportive, it is also active and dynamic. It is a collaboration that puts you, with your own knowledge of yourself, at the center of the work.  Together, we can come up with the best approach for you in therapy.

If you are a resident of WA State my services as a therapist are covered as an in-network provider with Premera and  Lifewise. Other insurance companies often cover my fees as an out-of-network provider.

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