One of my discoveries in my years of helping people and in my own personal life is how much easier it is to achieve our dreams with the help of a supportive guide and coach.  Whether you are facing a major life transition, trying to live with phobias/anxiety, acute or chronic illness, and/or improve your general health, athletic and/or work performance, I can help you overcome obstacles and move through to reaching your goals.  Hypnosis has been scientifically shown to help people change habits as well as improve their overall health. My unique skills and combination of hypnosis and coaching has helped hundreds of people go through this transformation.

Every individual has the resilience to find their own path to personal growth. Toward that end my work with you is marked by respect and a collaborative approach to change. I respect that it is you who are making the changes and you who will live with the outcome of our work. I create a non-threatening environment in which clients can develop and maintain lasting change.