Weekly therapy sessions are focused on mental health and emotional healing. Therapy tends to focus on past issues that interfere with your current life. Issues that are often covered in therapy:

  • Shyness and discomfort in social settings: developing ways to manage and overcome
    feelings of insecurity and shyness that arise in social settings
  • Anxiety and excessive worry: helping manage and overcome feelings of anxiety, panic, and
  • Depression: transforming feelings of hopelessness, despair, fatigue, loneliness
  • Low self-esteem: overcoming feelings of worthlessness, poor self/body image
  • Work-related stress: helping people cope with work stress, job loss, career transitions.
  • Loss and grief: supporting individuals experiencing loss (loss of a loved one, pet, job, health,
    identity or role)
  • Trauma/PTSD: healing from childhood abuse (emotional, physical and sexual abuse;
    neglect); recovering from having experienced or witnessed life-threatening events
  • Transitions: supporting people through life transitions such as marriage, divorce, career
    changes, and significant losses of all kinds
  • Personal Growth/spiritual issues: helping individuals find more meaning and fulfillment in
    their lives and gain a deeper understanding of themselves


As a certified health coach I focus on many aspects of life and health and support you in achieving success through support and accountability. We tend to focus on the present and future. Services offered in coaching sessions may include:

  • Values alignment
  • Wellness Alignment
  • Communication in the workplace sand personal life
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Managing life and overall health
  • Working with your vision and mapping out a positive lifestyle plan


Hypnosis has been scientifically shown to help people change habits as well as improve their overall health. My unique skills and combination of hypnosis and coaching has helped hundreds of people go through this transformation. Hypnosis is used only at the client’s request. Hypnotherapy is a heightened state of concentration and focused attention. The process allows you to be more open to suggestions to making healthful changes in your perceptions, sensations, emotions, memories, thoughts or behaviors.

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Intensives utilize Dr. Bonnie’s Embodied Immersion™ method. These half to full day sessions occur in a private location overlooking the waterfront in the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast of Washington State. A 30 min consult is offered to explore whether you